Laughing is part of my daily routine. And I mean really laughing!

- Tarah J. HarrisonSeattle Public Schools

Washington is looking for elementary teachers who love a challenge.  They are seeking teachers who can convey a passion and excitement for learning to young minds.  Teaching is an honorable profession where elementary teachers influence the lives of thousands of students.  Washington wants elementary teachers who accept that responsibility with the gravity that it deserves.

The rewards for teaching in Washington go beyond the financial benefits of salary, retirement plans and health insurance.  Students feel the dedication and hard work of elementary teachers daily.  The knowledge that teachers make a difference is the best self-fulfilling reward of all.

Elementary teachers in Washington can enjoy the natural beauty of the Puget Sound while sea kayaking, sailing or whale watching.  For those interested in hiking, mountain climbing or scenic driving Mt. Rainier, an active glacial volcano, will fit the bill.  Elementary teachers in Washington can dare to be adventurous.


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