Nobody can ever underestimate how important it is to have a good resume. First impressions count, and the first impression that a potential employer will have of you, is going to depend on how you present your resume. This is going to be your one and only chance to capture a potential employer’s attention, or for your resume to be tossed into the file of those they do not want to pursue. Below we have provided a few tips and tricks to write a successful and effective Elementary School Teacher resume.

  • The Header should be simple and clean, with as little information as is necessary. The preference is to keep to the basics of a personal email address, home address, and phone number. A couple notes to keep in mind:
    • Your email address should be your name. If you do not have an email address in this format, create one.
    • It is preferable, if possible, to have a local address. Hiring managers see an out-of-state address, and immediately ask questions. Are they moving here soon? Do you they plan on getting relocation assistance from us? We need someone ASAP, will this process take too long?
  • Professional Experience is a bulk of your resume, this section deserves the most time and attention. You want to make sure that you are highlighting only the two or three most relevant experiences. If you are in high school or college, highlight internships, your leadership in clubs and organizations, and community service projects you have participated in throughout your educational experience.
  • Academic Background should list your school, degree and GPA. Your GPA is extremely helpful in the teaching field, especially if it is high.
  • Certifications should show which skills you have that set you apart from other candidates. In today’s job market, specific skills change so quickly, and are so often learned on the job, that you want to make sure any potential employer knows about lasting traits that would make you a great employee.
  • Community Involvement is where you can get a little bit personal and mention any volunteer work you have done, any professional organizations you are a part of, or even hobbies you might have if you are younger and do not quite have those experiences. Employers often want to know you are a well-rounded person with other activities outside of work.
  • Follow an Example by downloading an example resume.

Lastly, you want to ensure the formatting of your resume is consistent throughout the entire document.   Everything needs to be consistent! This is simply a set of guidelines for you to follow. You do have freedom to be creative, but try to stick with this general format for the majority of the positions you apply for. You should try to stay within one page if at all possible. Even if you have been in the workforce for a long time and are applying for higher level positions.

Every hiring manager is different. There are no guarantees with resumes as to what will work and what will not. It is often based on the personality of the person looking at the resumes. In other words, don’t blame yourself, just continue to refine and perfect what you have.