I feel teaching elementary is a calling, not simply a job

- Stephanie N. RayBoise Independent School District

Becoming a teacher is hardly the easiest career path, but that’s not why you choose it. People become teachers to make a serious difference in the lives of students – inspiring the next generation of able Americans.

Idaho needs intrinsically motivated elementary school teachers to meet a growing problem within its education system. The National Center for Education Statistics reports that Idaho ranks near the bottom nationwide for educational attainment, and needs help from its teachers to turn things around.

Today, more than 60% of fourth graders in Idaho are not proficient in math or reading. That’s a serious concern not only for educators in the state, but for future politicians and employers who will look to that generation for leadership.

As an elementary school teacher in Idaho, you have the chance to enact changes that lead to success in the classroom. Organizations like the Idaho Education Association provide career development opportunities, connecting you with other teachers who share their lessons and techniques.


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