Maybe it's just elementary teachers, but all of my coworkers are just good people.

- Lauren J. WhiteAtlanta Public Schools

Education Week’s “Quality Counts” report ranks Georgia in the top 10 states for educational quality, citing the strides teachers have made in mathematics and reading retention.

To continue on its path of educational excellence Georgia is looking for effective elementary school teachers who understand how to create an engaging classroom, inspiring future generations of students.

As Georgia transitions to Common Core standards, it will place greater emphasis on science, mathematics and reading. Unfortunately, an oft-heard complaint from teachers is that Common Core erases personality from the classroom, requiring that they simply teach to the test.

As an elementary school teacher, you must look beyond the standards to make the material interesting to your children. That means creating innovative teaching plans that capture the attention of students.

However, you won’t be alone in your journey. Georgia assigns senior-level teachers to beginning educators, giving them advice and guidance when implementing best practices in the classroom.


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