These are incredibly formative years. It's an honor to be a part of the growth process.

- Ruben E. AndersonBridgeport Public Schools

Connecticut has repeatedly shown its commitment to education by enacting policies that positively impact the classroom. From limits on class size to generous benefits, Connecticut does what it can to attract some of the brightest teachers in the nation.

Elementary school teachers rarely have to struggle with overstuffed classrooms – the average size of a fifth grade classroom is 21 students. That gives you more time to spend on those who struggle with material, rather than feeling overwhelmed in a class of 30 or more students.

Connecticut’s teachers earn some of the highest salaries in the nation coupled with great benefits. Elementary school teachers in Connecticut earn an average salary of more than  $66,000 – only New York and Massachusetts rank higher.

In addition to competitive wages, you also gain access to a state retirement plan, and health insurance through individual school districts. The high salary and generous benefits help you afford the cost of living in Connecticut, which reflects the high quality of life.


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