Maybe it's just elementary teachers, but all of my coworkers are just good people.

- Sonia S. AubryBaltimore City Public Schools

Where some other states are cutting budgets for their schools, Maryland has consistently increased school funding since 2007. By investing in the state’s education system, leaders in Maryland demonstrate their faith not only in students, but in teachers as well.

That’s a stark contrast to many other places in the country, where budget cuts prevent teachers from obtaining the tools they need to create engaging classrooms.

With higher school funding, teachers in Maryland don’t need to sacrifice lesson plans or change teaching structure to accommodate for a lack of supplies. In fact, Maryland spends more money per student than other surrounding states, including Delaware and Virginia.

That investment has paid off, helping elementary teachers positively enhance student outcomes in Maryland. Other than those in Massachusetts, Maryland’s fourth graders perform better in national reading standards than counterparts in any other state.


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