Laughing is part of my daily routine. And I mean really laughing!

- Tiana C. KelseyDistrict of Columbia Public Schools

Washington D.C. has a philosophy according to Jason Kamras, “We want to make great teachers rich”.   Washington D.C. is diligently seeking elementary teachers who are dedicated and effective.  They are looking for elementary teachers who have the ability to analyze and reflect upon their classroom practices and then refining and reinforcing until classroom management, formal and informal assessments, teaching strategies and materials have been honed to perfection.

Washington D.C. has placed a bonus-and-raise system in place that is aimed at luring the talented and keeping the effective.  Gone is the traditional single pay schedule that only takes into account years of service and education.  In D.C. elementary teachers have the opportunity to rapidly increase their earning potential through merit pay and bonuses. When you take into consideration all of the other perks of being an elementary teacher now is the right time to join the groundbreaking initiative of Washington D.C. as they support and maintain quality teachers.


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