A Positive Elementary Mentorship Experience

As I walked into Mrs. Daniels classroom on that cold January morning I had many expectations in mind. I was prepared to spend the next 16 weeks learning teaching methods and classroom management styles to take with me to my own classroom someday. What I did not expect to learn was that teaching is not Continue reading


New Teachers Have Mountains To Climb

I remember the first time I saw Notus Elementary. An old but small white building set in a rural community with nothing but farmlands for miles. It was my first teaching experience and just looking at where I was in that moment, I knew I was in for a culture shock. I was raised in Continue reading


Just a Random Story About Telling a Lie

St. Margaret’s (a pseudonym) was a middle-sized private school in a middle-sized city in the middle of the country. It was housed in a hundred year old three-story traditional brick and stone schoolhouse with marble staircases, wooden floors, high ceilings, extra wide hallways, transoms above the doors, and eight-foot high windows that were adjusted with Continue reading


Not Even Snakes Can Stop This Substitute

When the principal told me, “The last time this class had a substitute, the kids let the snake out…”, I thought, “That’s just great, a snake. I’m in for it today.” The morning started like many mornings did: a call for me to fill in for a teacher. This was the first time for this Continue reading


Outrageous Attitude and Outrageous Style

Like many teenagers, I had a variety of jobs in high school that helped me pay for my entertainment and modest personal expenses. One of the jobs, however, changed me in way that prepared me for my future teaching career. Towards the end of high school and into my college years, I worked at Development Continue reading


Alternative Teacher’s Dilemma

It was the first day of a brand new school year. I was just as nervous and excited as every first grader in the room (probably more so!). Although I had been doing this for 12 years now, I never got used to the jitters that came with the first day of school. I had Continue reading